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The Academy for Hospitality Arts is seated in the belief that exceptional service starts with intentional planning. With 130 years of combined experience across an array of settings– including hotels, restaurants, county clubs, fine dining and entertainment complexes–we are the heartbeat of hospitality. Our mission is to educate, enrich and inspire hospitality professionals leveraging our collective knowledge managing more than 10,000 events across the globe.

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MICHAEL DIPERIPresident and Founder
Stephen Ruggieri
Stephen RuggieriDirector of Training and Development
Richard Hawk
Richard HawkProfessor of Hospitality Arts

Mission Statement

To educate, enrich and inspire hospitality professionals.

Vision Statement

To elevate the hospitality industry through a standardized framework for service excellence.


The Academy for Hospitality Arts offers value at every skill level, from burgeoning service professionals to seasoned operators. Our range of curated, industry-leading courses will elevate your team’s potential.


Focused on the art of service, the Academy for Hospitality Arts helps hospitality professionals expand their skill-sets and serve with confidence. Our course offerings are infused with decades of industry knowledge and designed to drive consistent service excellence.

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